The Future of Interactive Boards

Clevertouch Interactive Displays

As time moves on, so does the technology needed to offer a comprehensive education for students. With that being said, some of the industries top providers of ed-tech are constantly working on making sure you are getting the most out of your interactive displays. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the features, benefits and educational upsides of the interactive displays by Clevertouch.

Let's start by looking at why Cevertouch interactive displays are so unique compared to other boards.

Features of Clevertouch Interactive Displays

The list of features that makes the Clevertouch rage goes on and on.

Now you know some of the things that these devices can do, how about what makes them worth using?

For the past decade or so, one board provider has been very popular among UK schools due to its innovative nature at the time of its release. Though these boards are not yet completely outdated, with the release of the latest Windows operating system, many are becoming incompatible with the board's software and being rendered useless.

in addition, many older interactive boards use a projector system to function, which has been semi-reliable so far, but with the Clevertouch boards, your screen is an all in one touch display. No more calibrating. No more aligning your projector. no more hassle.

Can you try these Clevertouch boards? YES!

We know that reading about a product is all well and good, but with something like an "interactive" board, you really need to get hands on.

We can offer a 1-week free demo! Simply call us on 01869 691 100 and we will have a Clevertouch board delivered to your location completely free of charge.