New Build vs Old School


The Primary School is a split site school located at the heart of Colchester. The 19th Century Town Site provides accommodation for Y2, 3 and 4 and the new build Abbey Fields Site provides accommodation for EYFS, Y1, Y5 and Year 6. The school is seen as a pathfinder in the local area.

st johns green school 01The School’s primary aim is for every child to achieve the best they possibly can during their time at the school, in a happy, safe and enjoyable environment. At primary School every child is an individual, has different skills, strengths and needs and learns in their own way.

All the staff work together to achieve the best for each child, never forgetting that the school is here to provide the children with a broad & rich education experience.

Any changes to the school’s ICT needed to make sure that its ethos of ensuring that children are ready for the next steps in their learning at the end of each academic year was maintained, thereby helping children transition effectively and smoothly between the different stages in their learning journey.

st johns green school 02In addition, a significant investment had already been made in ICT before the School moved to a split site model. The new ICT solution needed to ensure that these investments were not lost whilst still allowing the school to operate as a single, cohesive establishment.


The Solution

The IT solution developed by Atmos Technology has been completely designed around the schools individual needs and includes:

  • Complete school ICT solution for age 4 to 11 learners and all staff
  • Blended IT solution includes PC, Laptop, Tablet, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, Ruckus & Impero
  • Fully resilient IT infrastructures, IP Telephony, Site wide Wireless (BYOD)
  • Multi Site environment with point to point connection
  • Service Level Agreement with delivery levels and KPI reporting
  • Ongoing strategic and tactical advice and support

st johns green map

The ICT network across the school utilises a best of breed Cisco solution providing Power to wireless and telephone over a high speed 10GB backbone. Cisco Telephony also ensures Quality of Service. Telephone call charges have been reduced as calls are now diverted across the schools network between sites.

The school has a VMware virtual server farm supporting both the curriculum and admin networks, which were merged as part of the implementation. Office 365 is in place along with a Microsoft schools agreement offering lower licensing costs. A VDI Remote Desktop solution was installed to allow access to SIMS and school applications securely from any location, on any internet enabled device.

Classrooms are fully supported with ICT and have large interactive LCD screens as well as Apple TV which can be used by teachers and children over the Ruckus wifi network to display work. Several multi-function printing devices are located across both sites offering follow me printing for all users from any device.