Exa Networks

Exa Networks brings you a wealth of knowledge and services second to none.

The driving force behind all decisions made by Exa Networks is our aim to provide absolute customer satisfaction. Since our formation, our engineering team has never stopped investing into or improving our network and services.

We work to be always at least one step ahead of the needs of our customers which is why we make sure to have plenty of spare capacity when it comes to network planning. Our network core, based on Juniper routers and Foundry switches, is able to route over 40 times the traffic we are currently seeing, allowing Exa to handle the unexpected while keeping performance as our vanguard.

With a full portfolio of Internet services available, Exa Networks offers businesses and educations sectors a real one stop shop for reliable, fast and secure Internet connectivity and associated services.

Exa's network team believes in transparency and is proud of the confidence our customers place in them. That is why they will be happy to answer any of your questions or to share their knowledge.

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