Simple to use, scalable Online Data Protection Management Solution enabling you to evidence accountability, transparency and giving you the opportunity to address any weak points in your system.

Ongoing Data Protection Management Solution

The big challenge with the GDPR is that fact that there are no set standards to ‘comply’ with. Understanding what should be done is enough of a challenge for most businesses never mind how to do it!

GDPR Systems have the only solution on the market that gives you a simple structure to follow, enables you to link your assets to your people to the personal data that you handle and then crucially enables you to document why you use that personal data AND link it with your lawful basis for using it – all so you can evidence it should it be required.

All of this is bought together neatly into a simple traffic light system enabling you to quickly see which parts of your systems are as good as you can make them and which need attention as well as being able to evidence ALL of your data flows – into, inside and out of your company.

Oh, and once you’ve finished, you’ll have GDPR ready documentation (or a place to store your own!) as well as crucial reports which will enable you to demonstrate where you are to your management or supervisory authority.

Fully scalable and open source means we can integrate with any existing software in order to make your data protection life easier – no matter how many storage assets, personnel, uses of personal data or data routes within your business there are.

Crucially it means that you can actively manage your data protection activities from one central location.GDPR Systems