At Atmos Technology, we think, architect, solve, implement, and support the practical reality of advanced technologies every day.

By taking the time to deeply understand how your business works, we architect transparent, enduring technology solutions that meet your immediate needs – and prepare you for tomorrow. We combine experience and stability to clients and companies across many commercial sectors, both local and global, from financial services, manufacturers, and telecommunications to Blue Light and Central Government, Atmos technology has solutions that simplify a variety of complex needs with experience and knowledge.

At Atmos Technology we partner with today's leading technology experts to build solutions that put IT to work for you. We carefully select partners who demonstrate a proven understanding of business, and who deliver measurable returns on our clients' technology investments. What's more, we offer an in-depth expertise and knowledge of the industry-leading solutions our partners provide.

By serving as your single, reliable and expert source for multiple solutions, we're able to ensure consistency, efficiency and accountability while saving you the time and trouble of managing multiple vendors. We stake our reputation on the solutions we bring to you, as well as the leading names behind them.